Spilo Worldwide Announces 2014 Rebranding Initiatives

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An Exciting New Look for Five Major Professional Beauty Brands


Los Angeles, CA: Spilo Worldwide (Spilo), an award-winning distributor of professional beauty products, is proud to announce their brand refresh initiatives for July 2014. Five of Spilo’s signature brands – Flowery, ToolWorx, HairWare, Spilo ColorMode (formerly Spilo Foil) and Melting Pot have all been refreshed to showcase product improvements, packaging upgrades and new product innovation. These five brands represent 400+ rebranded SKU’s and a whole host of new products.


For over 73 years, Spilo Worldwide has proudly served the beauty industry with beauty essentials known for their quality and exceptional selection. The family-owned organization, located in the Arts District Downtown L.A., has maintained a reputation as being reliable, honest, and customer focused, taking a personal approach on prompt and efficient service. Over the last several years, Spilo, under the direction of CEO Marc Spilo, has quietly been building a team of talented professionals to help drive the future of the organization while staying true to the company’s core values. In fall of 2013, product development and brand building became an even greater focus with the arrival of new marketing leadership.


“Spilo delights in innovation, creativity and surprise- and for over 73 years we have been committed to bringing fun and inspiring products to beauty professionals. This industry is built on change and transformation which makes each and every day so exciting. I’m so proud of what we’ve done to evolve our brands and give them a contemporary feel that will pave the way for exciting future initiatives.” – Marc Spilo, CEO, Spilo Worldwide


Refresh. Rebrand. Renew

Flowery, ToolWorx, HairWare, Spilo ColorMode and Melting Pot have each undergone a refreshing transformation. Taking our cues from fashion and graphic design trends, each of these brands have an updated logo, new packaging and fun new products. Special attention was paid to creating clear categories and highlighting a product’s key feature or end result as applicable. Design is clean and consistent across all brands, but each has their own unique, clever twist. Whenever possible, packaging was designed to be reusable and/or recyclable. For specific PR information regarding each brand please contact Marketing Coordinator, Brianna Griebel at


Image is Everything

Spilo Worldwide is incredibly proud to have partnered with legendary, award-winning celebrity photographer Albert Sanchez on the image campaign for ToolWorx, HairWare & Spilo ColorMode. Heavily influenced by fashion and the creative culture of Instagram, the campaign was shot in black and white, much of it taking place in the Downtown L.A. Arts District where Spilo is located. And it’s not simply a marketing campaign; the images are the cornerstone of the new product packaging for all three brands.


“The company founder, my father, Charles Spilo, wore a carnation in his lapel every day. It’s been an iconic part of Spilo Worldwide’s logo for many, many years and serves as a reminder of the family values, vision and entrepreneurial spirit of our company’s founder. That spirit has never been more alive, and thriving, than in our business today.” – Marc Spilo, CEO, Spilo Worldwide




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