The Speedo-O-Guide Universal Clipper Comb, Preferred by Master Barbers


Speed-O-Guide Clipper Combs allow you to deliver the cleanest and most precise cut.  Perfect for flat tops, crew cuts, buzz cuts, tapering, texturizing and more!  Recognized by its red color, stylists and barbers alike appreciate that Speed-O-Guide is only the brand of universal clipper attachment combs that delivers versatility, durability, and comfort.

Superior Quality

ABS plastic combs provide strength and flexibility

Precision Cutting

Thin evenly spaced teeth offer maximum control for the best measuring capability

Client Comfort

Smooth teeth have gently rounded tips that glide through the hair with ease and never irritate the scalp.

Long Lasting

Nickel-plated, heat treated metal “spring” clip is specially designed to withstand many changes

Universal Appeal

Speed-O-Guide combs fit most major electric clipper brands

Tried and True

Two-year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects

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