Personna Ultra Sharp Blades for Styling and Barbering


Personna introduced the first safety razor made in the USA in 1875.  Today, they are the largest blade manufacturer in the world. Personna blades are made in the USA from superior materials and are tempered, sharpened and honed to exacting quality control standards, resulting in the sharpest, longest lasting blades for hairstylists and barbers.


Personna is the perfect choice for the professional who seeks the highest quality and consistency to make their clients look sharper.

Hair Shaper Blades

25% Sharper than the original blades

Double Edge Blades

Comfort coated stainless steel for the smoothest shave

Mini Shaper Blades

Convenient dispensing cartridge

Flare Razor

Lightweight ergonomic handle for the ultimate control

Classic Razor Kit

A great basic starter razor

Eyebrow Shaper

The safest way to shave brows, sideburns and bikini area

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